Through countless resources, Eagle Eye Professionals help to further the mission of human-service oriented and environmentally-focused organizations.

Eagle Eye Professionals, Inc. is eternally grateful to: GreenStandards, Tech Soup, Mobile Beacon, DreamHost, Google, PublicSurplus, Sprint, Remixer, WordPress, and National Cristina Foundation for their generous donations!
We collaboratively work with individuals, educational, and other human-services organizations, research-based businesses, as well as other stakeholders to help increase eco-friendly resources, quality products, and well-equipped and critical-thinking professionals of tomorrow.  Anyone who has a desire to achieve their dreams and goals can benefit from us!

Eagle Eye Professionals, Inc. strives to continue finding resources and opportunities that will allow them to become more prepared for innumerable educational and professional opportunities. We embrace the opportunity to utilize computer and internet software in our endeavor to help participants learn and develop the professional skills necessary to obtain and maintain college or vocational enrollment and employment.  

  • United States Department of Education  
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission 
  • Public & Private Schools, Home-schools
  • Alternative Schools 
  • Local, National, and International Human-Service Orgs.
  • Juvenile and Adult Courts
  • Animal Support Organizations
  • Community Crime Organizations
  • Small businesses and Corporations
  • Other Non-profit Organizations
  • Research-oriented Service Organizations