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"Very knowledgeable"

- Angela J. Clinton, MD

Dr. Tina B. is a great Tutor! She helped get my daughter back on track with three major core subjects. My daughter was at risk for repeating the 2nd grade and I just couldn't let that happen. The breakdown of communication with myself and the teacher was mainly at fault. While I assumed everything was going well, especially since she made the honor roll the previous quarter, the teacher wasn't communicating to me that my daughter was struggling. Not only that but I didn't know that parents could have access to grades online. I had no idea that my daughter's grades were dropping until I got a phone call from the teacher.

Once I spoke to Dr. B, from day 1 she gave me the resources I needed and developed a plan to get things back on track. She armed me with a list of concerns to bring to the teacher's attention and a method to keep the lines of communication open. Once the plan was implemented my daughter's grades went up! She had confidence in reading and I along with the teacher was able to work as a team to make sure my daughter followed through with her assignments.

I want to stress that when dealing with a situation like this, you can't rely on others to do all the work this was a collective effort from Dr. B, the teacher, my father, my husband and myself. Dr. B explained that from day 1 as well and she was right. Dr. B was always available and she not only encouraged my daughter but she encouraged me to stay on top of things as well. She is just awesome! Thank you so much Dr. B.!


"Great Session!"

- Hanan J. Brandywine, MD

I was quite impressed with Dr. Brown's credentials from just looking at her profile. We were even

more impressed from our first lesson especially how she got our daughter (5 years old) to interact

with her and pay attention to her which is what she struggles with the most. Thank you Dr. Brown for

making our first session a joy!


"Very Patient"

- Barbara W. Accokeek, MD

My son has been working with Dr. B for two weeks and have raised his grade in Conceptual Physics a whole letter grade. She has taken the time to explain things to him so that he understands it. She is very patient and encouraging. He feels more confident in his ability to complete an assignment without reassurance. He just received an "A" on his mid term exam in Physics. Thanks Dr. B for all your support.


"Great/Awesome Tutor"

 - Sharon D. Clinton, MD

Dr. Tina B has been an excellent tutor/instructor. My daughter's math teacher has commented on seeing an improvement with her math. This improvement is due to the outstanding one-on-one tutoring skills Dr. Tina provides. Dr. Tina comes prepared and packed with plenty of patient and the joy to teach. As a very concerned parent, I only want the best for my daughter and Dr. Tina is the BEST!!!! I highly recommend her.

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